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What is Rehydr8 ? 

Rehydr8 is a revolutionary project that offers a unique metaverse experience designed to provide short but impactful moments of mindfulness and relaxation for individuals looking to take a break from their busy lives. Through stunning visuals and guided meditations, Rehydr8 helps individuals reduce stress, improve focus, and increase overall well-being, providing a new level of relaxation that's not possible with traditional mindfulness practices.


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Passport Drop

Our "Passport" is an essential part of the first phase of community building for our project. This item is for the early adopters and is packed with exclusive utilities for those who hold it. If you are apart of the 222 people who have a passport, be prepared to put it to use. Packed with raffles to travel and passport only events this NFT is worth its weight in gold. For the life of our project we will always aim to provide exceptional value to our passport holders. ​


Passport Utilities

  • Early Access to Metaverse Experience. 

  • Free mint of Rehydr8 Metaverse

  • Entry to monthly raffle for one 4 night stay in select locations (For 12 months) 

  • Win a all-expense trip to NEARCON 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Discounts for events & merch. 

  • Passport only invites and offerings. 

  • Passport only telegram group with Founding Team

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